SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library

Preschool Inclusion Series

The SpecialQuest Preschool Inclusion Series focuses on the unique aspects of including preschool-age children with disabilities in programs and settings with their typically developing peers.

The Preschool Inclusion Series is also available for viewing or downloading at www.specialquestlibrary.org. The Preschool materials are intended to build on and be used in conjunction with the existing Library where there are tutorials, search options for locating volumes, sessions by topic, and videos, along with most current resources.

Contents of the Preschool Inclusion Series can be stored in the handy vinyl pouch or combined with the other SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library DVDs/CDs.

Go to www.specialquestlibrary.org to request a free individual copy of the Preschool Inclusion Series.

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