SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library

Provide quality professional development—use the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library!

The SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library supports the inclusion of young children with disabilities, from birth–five years of age, in early care and education settings. The Library is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, three-volume curriculum, designed for use in a variety of professional development settings. The Library is perfect for early childhood educators, families, child care providers, inclusion specialists, early interventionists, early childhood special educators, and college and university professors.

Used nationwide by over 5,000 participants, the Library includes 22 award-winning videos (with English and Spanish captioning), a Facilitator’s Guide, training scripts, and handouts (in English and Spanish). “Our teachers have learned skills and have more knowledge of how to care for the children.”

The volumes are organized by themes:

The Web-based SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library contains these resources for viewing and downloading. The site offers individuals the option of ordering the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library DVD/CD Edition with Quick Start Guide and new Preschool Inclusion Series at no cost.

In addition, the website provides tutorials, previews of video clips, and ongoing support for designing and implementing effective professional development activities. The website also explains and supports the use of the SpecialQuest approach which is integral to the effectiveness of these materials. Provide quality professional development—use the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library!

Using the Web-Based Library

  1. Go to www.specialquest.org
  2. Click on the Multimedia Training Library icon
  3. Search by
  4. Preview and download resources
  5. Request DVD/CD Edition with Quick Start Guide and/or the Preschool Inclusion Series
  6. Learn more about the SpecialQuest approach and materials

SpecialQuest is designed to touch the "head, heart, and hands" of families and professionals working together to create inclusive communities for young children with disabilities.