What will I find at the SpecialQuest website?


About SpecialQuest

Find the up-to-date SpecialQuest Birth–Five online communications kit and download information to share with others. You will also find information about the SpecialQuest Birth–Five program components, evaluation and history, and staff contact information.

SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library

Information about the 2007 edition of the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library, the new Preschool Inclusion Series, and the SpecialQuest Approach is highlighted here. The Web-Based SpecialQuest Multimedia Training materials offer the opportunity to view or download all materials and videos at no cost. Tutorial and search features make it easy to use! The Library can be accessed directly from the home page, under Resources, or directly at www.specialquestlibrary.org. In addition, the DVD/CD Edition with the Quick Start Guide and/or the Preschool Inclusion Series may be requested at no cost.


The networking pages provide a simple way to make connections with a variety of groups and individuals in the SpecialQuest Community.


The Discussions tool provides participants the opportunity to actively engage with other members of the SpecialQuest Community through sharing valuable personal experiences in facilitated discussions.

State Teams

A directory of the ten SpecialQuest State Leadership Teams selected to work with SpecialQuest Birth–Five and consultants through September 2010 is provided. State activity summaries coming soon.


A state-by-state directory includes current SpecialQuest Birth–Five Ambassadors. Ambassadors are consultants who maintain connections with SpecialQuest graduates, participate in the SpecialQuest Community of Practice, and promote the use of the SpecialQuest approach, materials, and resources in their local communities and state systems.


Training Library

Access the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library at this link or via the home page. See above for description.


SpecialQuest Stories capture the experiences of families of young children with disabilities and those who provide services to them. These stories can help us look at how we provide coordinated services, resources, and supports to families who have infants and toddlers with disabilities. They may also provide support or inspiration to other families and service providers.

Resource Bank

The Resource Bank offers a way to share resources with the SpecialQuest Community by allowing anyone to upload files or web addresses into its “Bank.” Once the resource has been uploaded it can then be accessed by anyone through a simple search.

Quick Links

Access websites of our partners, collaborators, and other professional organizations who share our interest in high quality inclusive services.