snapshot of SpecialQuest growth and impact

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SpecialQuest Impact for Early Childhood Inclusion: Impact on Individuals Supporting the Inclusion of Young Children with Disabilities and Their Families


This graphic is meant to depict the primary impact that SpecialQuest has had on supporting the inclusion of young children with disabilities and their families. There has been an additional spread of effect on many other individuals that has not been feasible to collect. SpecialQuest began in 1998 by training 241 teams from Early Head Start/Migrant Seasonal Head Start Programs and community partner over five years. In 2002, the second five-year phase of SpecialQuest training began with an additional 238 Early Head Start/Migrant Seasonal Head Start teams being trained. In 2007, the current phase of SpecialQuest began and focuses on the implementation of statewide high quality cross-systems professional development using the SpecialQuest approach and materials.


Throughout the course of SpecialQuest, participants have been supported by SpecialQuest Consultants on many levels through coaching, periodic contact from Ambassadors, or additional training. We have supported participants and consultants to expand and sustain the SpecialQuest approach and materials. The magnitude and diversity of the impact of this sharing is evident in the graph in the blue band. Although the program has reached well over 200,000 individuals, it is clear that many more programs, communities, and states could benefit from the SpecialQuest approach and materials to support inclusion for all children.