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Newsletter Issue 1: 12/15/07


Welcome to the first edition of the SpecialQuest Community Newsletter !

This newsletter is by you, about you, and for you! Each edition will Spotlight SpecialQuest Community members. You can also find out What's New about SpecialQuest, locate SpecialQuest Resources, and connect with others through the SpecialQuest Online Community. In this newsletter the Featured Link takes you to the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, our partners in this new venture. In the future, we will be asking you to help us create this newsletter to serve your needs. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me directly ( to share your thoughts or ask questions.


I look forward to hearing from you! —Susan Stewart



State Leadership Team Application

The new SpecialQuest Birth–Five: Head Start/Hilton Foundation Training Program supports state-wide systems of professional development for inclusion. Ten selected states will develop and implement a state-level cross-agency plan for coordinated early childhood professional development on inclusion for service providers working with young children, birth–five, with disabilities and their families. The states will increase inclusive opportunities for young children with disabilities by embedding the SpecialQuest approach, resources, and materials into their state systems.



Spotlight: Region I Celebrates their SpecialQuest Journey

"SpecialQuest is a spirit more than a project, and as such it requires ongoing nurturing. The more we involve others (families, staff, and community members) and share information, the more successful we become. Meeting periodically with other teams is valuable and motivational, especially when we take the time to share our successes."


The celebration sponsored by the Region I ACF Regional Office, in collaboration with the Technical Assistance network and the Connecticut Head Start Collaboration Office, was attended by approximately 25 New England SpecialQuest participants, Learning Coaches, and supporters (1997-2007) gathered October 22, 2007. Theresa Bologna, Hilton/Early Head Start Training Program Coordinator for Regions I, II, and III also participated in the event.


Louise Eldridge, Regional Program Manager for the Office of Head Start, opened the meeting, stating that:  “Today’s meeting and celebration has dual purposes:  looking back at what has been achieved over the course…of SpecialQuest, and looking forward at both team and individual sustainability for the future.  The concepts, skills, and priorities of SpecialQuest are things we carry with us and continue to advocate for whether we stay in the same agency and role, or wherever we go from here and over time.”


Libby Zimmerman, Director of the Connected Beginnings Training Institute and former member of the Regional Office SpecialQuest team, facilitated a discussion with Jessica Gauthier of the WCAC SpecialQuest team and Sonia DeLima of the Citizens for Citizens SpecialQuest team about their experiences as parents on and beyond their SpecialQuest teams. In addition, small groups self-identified discussion topics, including:



Participants reflected on their teams’ accomplishments thus far by sharing their proud moments and hopes for the future through an open mike and by creating a time capsule, contributing things ranging from pictures to poems.  They anticipate opening the time capsule at the 5th annual gathering in 2012.


"SpecialQuest is not just something to do, it's a way of thinking and interacting with people."



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