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Newsletter Issue 10:12/19/08


SpecialQuest Birth–Five Newsletter

Continuous Improvement is a way of life for SpecialQuest. We use data and input from the SpecialQuest community to guide all that we do. We have heard from you that you wished to have access to the SpecialQuest videos on DVDs for presentations; we have observed some of you using the Web-based SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library; and we have fielded your questions about how to use the SpecialQuest approach in professional development.


In response to your input, we have:



Please stay in touch and let us know about the good things you are doing for kids and families, and how we can support you in this important work!

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Searching the Library

You now have several ways to search for materials in the Web-based SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library. You can:



To take full advantage of the search features, watch the search tutorial.



Using the SpecialQuest Approach: A Self-Assessment Guide for Designing In-Service Professional Development

This self-assessment guide provides guidance to those designing in-service professional development for inclusion using the SpecialQuest approach. This is a team-based self-assessment tool used to determine the extent to which the core components and essential elements of the SpecialQuest approach are incorporated into professional development opportunities. The value of the tool lies in the discussions and changes sparked by the self-assessment process.


This guide is a supplement to The SpecialQuest Approach to Professional Development on Inclusion for Young Children with Disabilities and their Families and should be used in tandem with that document. Both documents are available on the Web-based SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library approach page.



Got Questions?

Get the FAQs - The FAQs answer many frequently asked questions about the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library; how to use the Web-based Library; and how to get additional assistance with the Library.

Ask Sandy - If the FAQs don't address your questions, email Sandy Tradewell. Sandy has the answers and if she doesn't, she will get the answer for you - within 1-2 business days!


Ask a Tech - The face behind the technology at SpecialQuest is Rebecka Anderson. If you're having problems downloading or viewing videos, downloading pdf or zip files, or have found "glitches" in the website, please don't hesitate to contact Rebecka. She will get back to you as soon as she can.



A Gift for You!

Request your individual set of the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library on CD and DVD, complete with all training scripts, handouts in English and Spanish, videos, and the Facilitator's Guide. GIFT



Did You Know?

The script tutorial provides a glimpse of how the SpecialQuest approach is built into each of the Library sessions.

Check out the Tutorials!



Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for the Faculty Guide to Using the SpecialQuest Approach.
Publication date: January 2009.



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We've packed this newsletter with information about what we are doing at SpecialQuest Birth-Five. In the New Year, we will return to highlighting the good things you are doing to support young children and their families in inclusive settings.



Warm wishes for a safe and happy holiday season, from all of us at SpecialQuest.

Linda, Cheryl, Susan, Sandy, Cathy, Aracelly, Ann, Elizabeth, Kathy, Jeanne, Cecilia, Rebecka, Katy, Trish, Rob, and Shelley



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