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Newsletter Issue 20: 06/16/10


SpecialQuest Birth–Five Newsletter


It’s summertime…a good time to “re-charge” your batteries for inclusion!


Many of us in the SpecialQuest community are still riding high on the energy from the April National Leadership SpecialQuest in Denver, Colorado! What’s really exciting to see is how that energy is being passed along to those who didn’t even attend!


“Our group was the fortunate recipient of an Ambassador-led meeting styled after the processes experienced at a recent SpecialQuest conference. Our Ambassador’s [inspiration] flowed through our group and left others renewed and committed to continue.” — a friend of SpecialQuest from Oklahoma


Participants at the Denver event were given a charge by keynote speaker Lou Landry and left inspired, re-energized, and committed to inclusion. If you’re looking for ways to sustain your energy around inclusion over the summer, check out Lou’s charge (see sidebar), read some of the comments on the event blog, talk to someone who attended the event, or go to a park that has been designed with all kids in mind and look into the eyes of the children who have disabilities and their families.


If you have ideas for re-energizing for inclusion, please take a moment to share them with others on the National Leadership SpecialQuest blog, or post to SpecialQuest's wall on Facebook.

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Behind the Scenes at SpecialQuest

Have you ever wondered who has designed all of the wonderful SpecialQuest materials?

Jeanne Schroeder



Jeanne Schroeder joined the SpecialQuest staff in 2001. She has a degree in Graphic Design from Colorado State University and provides support to the curriculum development team by designing many of the products used at our conferences, trainings, and events.


Jeanne was thrilled to see the excitement around many of her creations at the recent National Leadership SpecialQuest in Denver, Colorado. “It’s quite a gift to be able to see an idea from the early stages of imaginative brainstorming through to collaborative product development, and then observing the reactions of participants on site.”


“I am so proud to be a part of this hard-working, creative, and dedicated team of people…and even more proud that my design work supports the mission and goals of SpecialQuest!”





Technology Corner

by Rebecka Anderson

Rebecka Anderson


How awesome would it be to access your email, calendar, news, favorite blogs & websites, social networks, and more in one central location regardless of which computer you are using? Wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you could set all that up by yourself…..for FREE. You can! It’s fast, easy, and you don’t need to have any special tech skills. The solution is “iGoogle,” brought to you by none other than Google. Visit Rebecka's Blog, Tech For Free to learn how to customize iGoogle for you!!




What do Dr. Suess, Massachussetts, and SpecialQuest have in common?


Dr. Seuss




“The Massachusetts team featured ‘Sneeches’ because Dr. Suess is a native of Massachusetts and his book with the ‘Star Bellied Sneetches’ is about inclusion. It makes a GREAT book to introduce a training on inclusion!”


- Linda Schumacher, National Leadership SpecialQuest blog





How will you amaze yourselves?


Hear Lou Landry's charge to all of us about our work for inclusion.





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