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Newsletter Issue 21: 07/28/10


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Why does SpecialQuest use "social media?"


There's a lot of buzz about things like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the press and popular media. Some people refer to these tools as "social media." Why does SpecialQuest use social media tools?



As with any tool, selecting the right social media tool for the job and using it with integrity is key to positive and effective communication and interaction. Once you've taken these two principles into consideration, you can harness the power of social media to extend your ripples of impact further than you had ever imagined!


Speaking of impact, in the next few days you'll be seeing a change to the homepage of our website. You will still have access to the full SpecialQuest website and the online Multimedia Training Library. And, we will be adding a link to some brand new impact pages. Keep your eye out...we're also working on a video that communicates changes that you all have brought about with the support of SpecialQuest!


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SpecialQuest Spotlight: Cape Cod


The 21st SpecialQuest Community Team by Trish Mengel


Cape Cod Map

SpecialQuest Birth-Five is currently working with ten SpecialQuest State Leadership Teams. Twenty-one local Community Teams, often referred to as"graduate teams" are affiliated with the State Leader ship Teams. The local teams were selected to participate because of their previous experience working with SpecialQuest and because of their interest and commitment to continuing the work in the current grant cycle. This is true with one exception - the twenty-first team - located in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. did Cape Cod - never having participated in earlier SpecialQuest activities (and therefore not a true "graduate team") - become involved as the 21st SpecialQuest Community Team? Furthermore, what have been their "proud moments" and "causes to pause?" And finally, how can embryonic SpecialQuest communities, new to the materials and approach, learn from Cape Cod's experience? Find out!


Trish Mengel, M.Ed., recently retired from the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently working as a consultant and staff member with SpecialQuest.


For more information about Cape Cod's SpecialQuest Community Team, please contact Anne Scott,, Director of Child Care Programs for Cape Cod Child Development. Anne's lifelong interest in and service to children with special needs is because she was raised with a sister who had significant medical issues as well as Down Syndrome.



Behind the Scenes at SpecialQuest

Have you ever wondered who has translated many of the SpecialQuest materials?

Cecilia, her son, daughter, and husband.


Cecilia Harris joined the SpecialQuest staff in 2002. She is from Lima, Peru where she earned her degree in Translation from the Ricardo Palma University. Cecilia translates the SpecialQuest training materials and videos into Spanish. She is also our travel and database coordinator.


Cecilia is very fortunate to have two wonderful children and would love for her children to have the opportunity to be exposed to all children so that they can learn at a young age to be accepting and sensitive to other people's needs. "I think Emily and Joseph will learn a lot from their peers and see that there is no difference between them and their friends - they are all unique."


Cecilia hopes the SpecialQuest energy and enthusiasm keeps spreading out to touch more lives of children with disabilities and their families.



Technology Corner - Webinars

by Rebecka Anderson

Rebecka Anderson


Do you need the nitty gritty details about how to plan and facilitate a webinar?

We have just the thing for you


Rebecka Anderson has created a slidecast, with audio, that gives information about creating & conducting webinars from CHECK IT OUT!



Got Advice?


Dr. Seuss

Cape Cod's Advice for New SpecialQuest Community Teams:


  1. No SpecialQuest experience needed.
  2. Define your SpecialQuest Community.
  3. Share the work.
  4. Have a clear focus.
  5. Be flexible.
  6. Collaborate.



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