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Newsletter Issue 4: 4/21/08


SpecialQuest Birth–Five Newsletter

The best ideas come from you! Many members of the SpecialQuest community have shared interesting and innovative ways they have used the SpecialQuest approach and materials in college courses and other trainings. This month you can:



Some instructors have expressed an interest in taking "tours" of online courses that include SpecialQuest resources. Several people are interested in aligning the SpecialQuest materials with national professional development standards. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact me (707.548.4910 or

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Spotlight: Virginia Barron – SpecialQuest Approach Used in College Courses

virgina and classFaced with a wonderful opportunity to develop a community college course on inclusion and only a couple of days to prepare a presentation of the proposed course content, Virginia Barron turned to the SpecialQuest materials. She based her presentation on the foundational aspects of the SpecialQuest vision: inclusion, families as partners and leaders, and collaboration and teaming. 


The proposal was accepted and Virginia developed the course, Children with Special Needs, by pulling on ideas from her experience as a SpecialQuest Learning Coach. She incorporated the SpecialQuest approach into the design of the course and aligned the SpecialQuest materials with the course text and objectives. 


How did she do it?


Course design/methods:


Course content:


“The students are amazed when they see Christopher’s Story”…and they appreciate the Climate of Care that allows them to participate fully and safely in the course.


Virginia Barron, a former SpecialQuest Learning Coach, teaches Child Development courses at San Bernadino Valley College. The Child Care Planning Council of San Bernadino County, California, had requested the college to develop a certificate program for students working with young children who have special needs.

The syllabus for the Children with Special Needs course is available in the SpecialQuest Resource Bank. We appreciate that Virginia has shared how she has adapted the SpecialQuest approach and materials for community college coursework. We invite other SpecialQuest Community members to pass along their own adaptations in a variety of settings.


*Text in brackets reference the information from the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library.



Soaring with SpecialQuest Ambassadors Share their Successes!

Ambassador KiteThe SpecialQuest Birth-Five Ambassador Retreat was held in Dallas, Texas from April 8th through the 10th. Ambassadors from across the nation participated in the retreat, sharing their SpecialQuest successes, exploring how to expand the SpecialQuest approach, and developing action plans to support the SpecialQuest community. The Ambassadors will soon begin their work by contacting each of the SpecialQuest graduate programs to share resources and learn how the teams are continuing to create inclusive communities for young children with disabilities and their families. You can identify your SpecialQuest Ambassador in the Group Directories on the SpecialQuest website. If you have any questions about the SpecialQuest Birth-Five Ambassador program, please contact Cathy Liles by phone at 501.305.3508 or by e-mail at or Aracelly Valverde by phone at 619.472.1672 or by e-mail at




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