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Newsletter Issue 6: 7/14/08


SpecialQuest Birth–Five Newsletter

Introducing...SpecialQuest Online Communications Kit

Every day I'm delighted to hear about the ripples that move the vision of SpecialQuest forward in our communities. Communities across the nation are embracing the vision of SpecialQuest, integrating the philosophy and approach into their work for inclusion. Many are implementing strategies such as public awareness to bring about change. In response to your requests for public awareness materials, we created the SpecialQuest Online Communications Kit. This kit contains materials created and provided by SpecialQuest that can be used in a variety of ways to support inclusion in your communities.

You can currently download from the Online Communications Kit...



You can also request an electronic copy of the 2007 Visual Executive 5-Year Summary.


communications kitThe Communications Kit is available on the SpecialQuest website.If you have difficulty accessing the materials, please email us at


Please contact me if you have suggestions for the SpecialQuest Online Communications Kit materials. (You can also reach me by phone at 707-548-4910.)


Thanks for all you do to ensure our communities are great places for all kids and their families!

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Spotlight: Evelyn Klimpel – Creating Ripples for Inclusion in Her Community

"People with disabilities only want the same things as everyone else, an 'enviable life'."


evelyn"After attending the National Leadership SpecialQuest, I shared my SpecialQuest experiences with our local Optimist Club...made up of bankers, police officers, realtors, university employees, and others. I began the presentation with a brief history of how I became involved in SpecialQuest, then I showed the public service announcement I Wanna Be. I noticed that our police chief was touched by the boy who wanted to be a policeman."


Next, I gave a brief overview of SpecialQuest and showed [the film] Ted Polito, Jr., An American Man.*


I ended by stating that people with disabilities only want the same things as everyone else, an 'enviable life.'


Later I ran into a bank officer who had brought her grandchildren to the Optomist Club meeting. She told me that her grandson liked it when Ted said, 'He made his day great!'"


Evelyn is the mother of three boys, one of whom has disabilities. She has been a SpecialQuest Learning Coach for a number of Native American teams and is currently a Coach for the Wyoming SpecialQuest State Leadership Team.


* Go to the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library to locate and view this video.



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