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The following documents and links are contributions from the SpecialQuest Community and do not necessarily reflect the position of the SpecialQuest Birth-Five: Head Start/Hilton Foundation Training Program, Napa County Office of Education, or the Funder, and no official endorsement should be inferred.

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National Leadership SpecialQuest (NLSQ) 2010 Blog | Submitted by Susan Stewart 09/16/10

Materials developed for the NLSQ (PowerPoints, handouts, etc.) as well as participant-generated content can be located and downloaded from this site. The site also includes images, video, tweets, and blog postings made by participants.


Orientation Guide for Head Start Disabilities Coordinators | Submitted by Dayana Garcia 4/23/2009

This guide represents the collaborative work of regional disabilities training and technical assistance providers. It was created to support disabilities coordinators by providing basic information on a range of topics related to disabilities. By exploring the different sections, resources, and links, disabilities coordinators will be able to lay a foundation for their work with families and children with disabilities.


EC E-Learning: A National Review of Early Childhood Education Distance Learning Programs (.pdf 1.5mb) | Submitted by Holly Wilcher 6/4/2008

Explores distance learning in the early childhood field at the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century. It does not attempt to answer all of the questions related to whether distance learning is a viable strategy for education, training and professional development for early childhood educators. Rather, it provides a snapshot of the current distance learning landscape.


The Florida Kinship Center | Submitted by Maria Pfeifer 4/05/2007

The Kinship Care program provides a warmline for the State of Florida where Kinship Caregivers can call to recieve support and information as to support groups and services that are availible in their County. The number is 1-800-640-6444. If you go to the website, there is a downloadable legal handbook on the rights of Kinship Caregivers. They also sponser a trip every year to Tallahasse called Grand Rally in Tally where they get to talk to the politicians about issues of concern for Kinship Caregivers. They also have a newsletter they send out by email that keeps you up to date.


FloridaGRG Florida Grandparents Raising Grandchildren | Submitted by Maria Pfeifer 4/05/2007

Florida GRG (grandparents raising grandchildren) is an online support group for anyone raising someone else's children in the State of Florida. They have a data base and links section to provide info on just about any situation. If the info you need is not there, post a message and someone will be able to give you the info you need.


KIN KINship Information Network,Inc. | Submitted by Maria Pfeifer 4/05/2007

KIN is an online support system for anyone through out the world who is raising someone else's child. They have a data base and links section where you can get info on help in your area. If they don't have the info you are looking for, just post in the discussion area your situation and what you need, chances are there will be someone in your State or Country who already has been through that situation and can guide you in the right direction.


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