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National Leadership SpecialQuest (NLSQ) 2010 Blog | Submitted by Susan Stewart 09/16/10

Materials developed for the NLSQ (PowerPoints, handouts, etc.) as well as participant-generated content can be located and downloaded from this site. The site also includes images, video, tweets, and blog postings made by participants.


Parent Tool Kit | (.ppt 381kb) Submitted by Gay Trier 07/06/10

This is a Parent Tool Kit for Understanding Disability Services. Please feel free to disseminate or adapt for your needs. | Submitted by Sara Wester 10/27/09

Just wanted to let you know about a fantastic resource that is out there for families with a child with Down Syndrome. The web site is and there is one playhouse location in Iowa and four in Illinois. The web site has award winning videos on it, and the group is also set up on facebook and twitter. | Submitted by Tawnya Sanchez 04/23/09

Valuable information for families regarding early intervention, IEP (Individualized Education Plan), Healthcare Access, NCLB, Parental/Family Involvement, Parent to Parent Support, etc.


Recommendations for Meaningfully Involving Families in State Planning Meetings (.pdf 41.9MB) | Submitted by Holy Wilcher

Recommendations from Sharman Davis Barrett, Stephanie Smith Lee, Ann Turnbull and other participants at the NPDCI National Planning Meeting; Washington, DC; February 26, 2007.


4th Annual Fiesta Familiar Conference Presentation (.ppt 2.1MB) | Submitted by Isabel Valtierra 01/20/09

This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of the 4th Annual Fiesta Familiar Conference held in Monterey, California, October 2008. This introduction to the conference includes photos and text.


Parent Mentor Training Manual | Submitted by Susan Stewart 01/20/09

From the Introduction: As a whole, service providers have finally begun to embrace the notion that parental involvement is the primary factor in fostering family and child success. And, across the board, we are committed to the principal that a family's capacity to advocate for their own needs is the key to that success. The quality of care an individual parent receives impacts the quality of care they in turn give to their children, partners and families.


Recommendations for Meaningfully Involving Families in State Planning Meetings (.doc 44kb) |
Submitted by Katy McCullough 08/21/08

Recommendations for Meaningfully Involving Families in State Planning Meetings was developed by the National Professional Development Center on Inclusion. It's a 2-page document, listing logistical suggestions as well as principles to keep in mind as we strive to work effectively with our family leaders. Very helpful!


Supporting Parents During the Assessment and/or IEP/IFSP Process (.doc 28kb) | Submitted by Susan Stewart 02/07/07

Supporting Parents During The Assesment and/or IEP/IFSP Process is a checklist of activities to help parents prepare for these processes. Developed by CAC of Santa Barbara, California.




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