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Terms and Conditions of Site Use | Submitted by Tawnya Sanchez 04/23/09

Valuable information for families regarding early intervention, IEP (Individualized Education Plan), Healthcare Access, NCLB, Parental/Family Involvement, Parent to Parent Support, etc. | Submitted by Laurie Clark 03/26/09

California Map to Inclusive Child Care is a source for information and resources on inclusive child care for children with special needs. The web address has many resources including power points ready for training purposes on: Early Start, Transition and When Concerns Arise. Questions can be submitted regarding inclusive practices and a Technical Assistance Specialist will respond.


Training Early Intervention Assistants in California's Community Colleges. Issues & Answers. REL 2008-No. 060 | Submitted by Holly Wilcher 11/19/2008

This study examined California's efforts to foster preservice preparation of early intervention assistants through a certificate program offered by community colleges, the Community College Personnel Preparation Project. Community colleges enrolled in the project must meet a series of requirements, including infusing early intervention assistant competencies into coursework, adding early intervention field experiences, and drawing on the experience of community partners and advisory committee members. The study examined data from the inception of the project in 1998 through 2006. Forty community colleges participated during this time, representing 37 percent of the community colleges in the state. Data were gathered from the quarterly reports required of the participating colleges, faculty mentor monthly reports, and administrative annual reports. Reported findings include: (1) Colleges could develop preservice training programs for early intervention assistants that meet requirements such as those for awarding a Chancellor's certificate, although not all colleges that participated in the project were successful despite receiving state funding for startup expenses: (2) Participating colleges implemented many common features, though not all took the same approach; and (3) Some of the approaches colleges took to meet the project requirements differed by project outcome. The study provides an overview of data on the evolving national picture and the West Region states. Specific early intervention training is valuable preparation for a workforce that can serve infants and toddlers with special needs. Those seeking to promote a cadre of early intervention assistants and paraprofessionals prepared at the community college level may find value in examining California's efforts. Three appendixes are included: (1) Methodology; (2) Demographics of Colleges that Participated in the Community College Personnel Preparation Project; and (3) College Expectations and Proposed Timelines for the Chancellor's Certificate. (Contains 6 notes, 8 boxes, and 7 tables.) [This report was prepared for the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance, Institute of Education Sciences (IES) by Regional Educational Laboratory West administered by WestEd.] (Abstract From ERIC)


I'm Tyler | Submitted by Susan Stewart 4/04/2007

This video gives a wonderful picture of how, with the right supports, an infant or toddler with a disability can grow into an active contributor in his or her community. Tyler is a high school sophomore and this is his story.


Natural Resources | Submitted by Susan Stewart 3/21/2007

Are you interested in quality materials on topics related to early childhood and early intervention? The Natural Resources listserv is one way to stay up-to-date with the latest free or low-cost booklets, CD-Roms, videos, Power Point presentations and other items. To view these resources without signing up for the listserv, go to Subscribe to the Natural Resources listserv and receive weekly email announcements featuring a product that is available at no cost or very low cost. A short description combined with ordering information will give you the details you need to add another valuable resource to your own library.If you are interested in subscribing to the weekly listserv please send an email to with a blank Subject line. The text of the message must be: subscribe natural_resources2 Be sure the Subject is blank. Then Send the message.


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