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The following documents and links are contributions from the SpecialQuest Community and do not necessarily reflect the position of the SpecialQuest Birth-Five: Head Start/Hilton Foundation Training Program, Napa County Office of Education, or the Funder, and no official endorsement should be inferred.

Terms and Conditions of Site Use | Submitted by Tawnya Sanchez 04/23/09

Valuable information for families regarding early intervention, IEP (Individualized Education Plan), Healthcare Access, NCLB, Parental/Family Involvement, Parent to Parent Support, etc.


Orientation Guide for Head Start Disabilities Coordinators | Submitted by Dayana Garcia 4/23/2009

This guide represents the collaborative work of regional disabilities training and technical assistance providers. It was created to support disabilities coordinators by providing basic information on a range of topics related to disabilities. By exploring the different sections, resources, and links, disabilities coordinators will be able to lay a foundation for their work with families and children with disabilities.

















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