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The following documents and links are contributions from the SpecialQuest Community and do not necessarily reflect the position of the SpecialQuest Birth-Five: Head Start/Hilton Foundation Training Program, Napa County Office of Education, or the Funder, and no official endorsement should be inferred.

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Parent Tool Kit | (.ppt 381kb) Submitted by Gay Trier 07/06/10

This is a Parent Tool Kit for Understanding Disability Services. Please feel free to disseminate or adapt for your needs.


Program Instruction | Submitted by Susan Stewart 03/17/2009

This Program Instruction (PI) comes from the Office of Head Start and provides details about the mandate that 10% of children enrolled Early/Head Start must have disabilities. A key point is for children to qualify as part of the 10% of actual enrollment, the children must "have been determined eligible for special services under IDEA by the agency providing IDEA services in their community." The PI also provides information about the Waiver Requirement for programs who are not able to meet the 10% mandate.


National Childrens Aliance | Submitted by Maria Pfeifer 04/05/2007

The National Children's Alliance is a group of concerned citizens and organizations that work on behalf of children in their Counties. Go to their web site and you can find one closest to you. It's worth becomming a part of since they cover a variety of issues about children such as, safety, nutrition, health, dental, bullying etc... You never know what you have in the group until you join. My group has a Family Court Judge, Local Newspaper, Doctors, Lawyers, Sheriff's Office, Police Department, Church Leaders a couple of Senators and so forth.


Disabilities Intake Form (.doc 100kb) | Submitted by Susan Stewart 02/07/2007

Developed by the CAC of Santa Barbara (California) - This form is useful for gathering initial information about a child who has a disability from family members during the intake process.



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