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Looking for ways to connect with the SpecialQuest community or others with a shared interest in early childhood inclusion? You can find us on Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube.


SpecialQuest On Twitter

We "Tweet" and "Re-Tweet" information about early childhood education and early childhood inclusion. Additionally, we post updates we've made to our website or the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library, which supports the inclusion of young children with disabilities birth–five and their families in early care and education settings. You can view our tweets and opt to follow us below, or check our tweets on the web http://www.twitter.com/specialquest, or access our RSS Twitter Feed.






We've posted clips and some full-length versions of our early childhood inclusion videos from the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library to YouTube. We hope to find a connection with YouTube users seeking resources and/or support surrounding early childhood inclusion. All of the SpecialQuest videos found on YouTube are available in our training library and can be downloaded at no cost. The site also has captioned versions of the videos.







We have created a Page on Facebook in an effort to reachout to Facebook users with an interest in early childhood inclusion.





Yes, we're using Wiki's too, and YOU'RE INVITED. We have two Wiki's currently open at http://www.specialquest.wikispace.com. These wikis are open for everyone to read and to contribute:


  1. Meaningful Family Leadership
    This wiki is for collecting a list of strategies and tips that move us from the theory of family involvement and leadership to actually practicing what we preach.

  2. Examples of the SpecialQuest Approach
    The SpecialQuest approach to professional development has evolved over the last 12 years. As more people hear about the SpecialQuest approach it has become apparent a clear description of the approach is needed. To enhance the usefulness of the description (see below), we are seeking examples for each of the elements of the approach.





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