Including Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities and Education Programs
Making It Happen for Families
SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library

Adapted from the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library, Session 5 of the Including Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities Volume

Making It Happen for Families

Vignette 1

Cynthia is an active 3 1/2 year old who is African-American. She likes to listen and dance to music while holding her favorite stuffed animal, Barney. She coughs often and sometimes has problems breathing, but loves to be in motion. She likes to eat french fries, but sometimes chokes on food she eats. Renee, Cynthia’s mother, loves to care for her so much that she took a part-time job at night so she can interact and play with Cynthia during the day. Renee’s part-time job does not bring in the income she needs, but she feels that Cynthia’s needs come first. Sadly, Renee’s husband, Jeff, died in an automobile accident last year and had no insurance.

Renee and Cynthia have been referred to your early care and education program.

As you prepare for your interview with this family, what do you think their needs are? What services do you think they might be interested in hearing about? Please write your answers in the left-hand column.

vignette 1 table
Child and Family Needs  
How Our Program/Community Can Support These Needs