Building Relationships with Families
The Individualized Family Service Plan Process
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Adapted from the SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library, Session 8 of the Building Relationships with Families Volume

IEP Situation: Yolanda

Yolanda is four years old. She has been in a child care center for almost six months. It is now time for her next IEP. She enjoys being at the center and gets really excited when anyone sings. She likes to paint and engage in messy activities.

Yolanda has a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegia (a form of cerebral palsy in which her arms and legs are either very stiff or limp). She has limited movement in her arms and legs and needs to be moved physically from one area to another. She has several pieces of equipment that enable her to participate in activities—special chairs, standers, etc.

Yolanda enjoys most activities. She does not speak in words, but she clearly is aware of everything that is going on and anticipates the routine. She enjoys the other children.

A physical therapist comes once a week to work with Yolanda. The therapist also teaches all the center staff how to move Yolanda and help her with certain exercises. She has taught the staff a number of ways to position Yolanda so she can actually move better, but they still have a lot of questions about ways to help her use her hands better.

A speech therapist comes once a week and has been talking about some kind of electronic device which she could use to communicate. Yolanda’s mother liked the idea; however, she and the center’s staff have a lot of questions about how this would work, and they are unsure whether they are skilled enough to help Yolanda with such a device.

Yolanda lives with her mother and grandmother and five-year-old brother. Her mother graduated from a job-training program recently and is doing temporary work, but has not yet found a permanent job.

Yolanda has grown and learned a lot, but sometimes it is hard to measure her ability because of her motor problems. Everyone loves her!