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These instructions assume you are already inside the discussion forum and were pulled directly from the Help Desk Forum. Print this page and refer to it as you are accessing the forum.








If you can't see the forum you are attempting to access please make sure you are logged in. The left corner of the page just below the header will tell you if you are logged in or logged out.





SpecialQuest may have multiple forums available to you. A forum contains (and is) the primary theme of conversation. Inside a forum you will find discussion topics.


Discussion topics are utilized to keep conversations organized. The topics are related to the forum theme, but have a more narrowed focus.


For example, you are currently inside the HELP DESK forum. The primary theme of conversation in the HELP DESK is support in accessing and using SpecialQuest Forums. Inside the Help Desk forum are several topics devoted to specific support needs. Currently you are inside the discussion topic titled "How Are Forums Organized?".


Conversation with other participants and the facilitator occurs inside discussion topics.





To the left of each forum and corresponding discussion topics is a light blue square. If new postings have been made since you last logged on a dark blue beveled button will appear in it's place.


Additionally, the right column titled "Last Post" will provide a date and time stamp of the last posting that was made.





Use the INDEX link At the top of the screen just below the title SpecialQuest Forums you will find a set of links. Clicking the INDEX link will bring you to the home page which lists all forums available to you.


Use Jump-To Link At the top AND bottom of each page you will also find what's know as a breadcrumb trail. This trail shows you where you are at inside this site and provides links back. For example, if you look above this posting you will see (in small print) "Index>>HELP DESK>>How Do I Navigate This Site?. Notice that words Index and HELP DESK are blue. They are links you can use to go back. The words How Do I Navigate This Site? are gray, which means this is the page you are on.


Use Breadcrumb Links At the bottom of each page is a "Jump To" box. Use the drop down menu to jump to a new forum. *You can only use this to jump to new forums. You can not use the jump feature to jump topic to topic.





Sometimes so many postings are made within one topic that it doesn't make sense to have everything listed on one page. Once the maximum number of postings per page has been met a new page will automatically be generated as well as a link to the new page. Notice that at the top and bottom of the page (left side) you see "Pages: 1". This means only page of postings is currently available. If a new page of postings became available the number 2 would appear and would become a link.





You are currently reading a "post" (aka posting).


"Postings" are comments that people make by typing their thoughts into a text box. When the submit button is click that text is then "posted". Each submission is called a "posting" or a "reply".


To the left of each posting is information about who made the posting. This information includes:


  1. The username of the person who made the posting
  2. The date/time the post was made
  3. A photo/icon of the person who made the posting (optional)





To post your message you must use the "Post Reply" link found inside the first posting made (top right), or the "Post Reply" link found at the bottom of the page (bottom right). Doing so will open a new window. Click your mouse into the message box and type your message. When done, click the "Submit" button.


If you wish to reply to a specific comment that someone made, you may opt to use the "Quote" link found within their post. Clicking this link will automatically copy their text into your message and will label it as a quote. You may want to use this feature if you are responding to a specific idea, thought, or question.





You may only edit postings made by yourself. To edit a posting click the "Edit" link within the posting. A new window will open which will contain your original message. Edit the message as needed and then click the "Submit" button.


To delete a posting click the "Delete" link within the posting. A new window will open asking you to verify that you really want to delete the posting.





There may be times in which you want to share a file with others. You have ability to upload up to 3 files PER post.


Just below the text box in which you would normally type your posting is an attachment field and button titled "Browse". Use the "Browse" button to select the file from your computer. The process for attaching a file to your posting is the same as attaching a file to an email message. Once you've selected your file and you've typed your message in the text box, click the "Submit" button.





Allowed file types include PDFs, Microsoft Office documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt), audio files (.mp3), movie files (.mov, avi,.mpg, .mpeg), and images (.gif, .jpg, .png).


The maximum file size for EACH FILE is 10MB





Insertion of brackets with the corresponding code will create stylized text. This link will provide you with the information you need to style your text.




Print the information found on the page listed above and keep it handy. To return to this page use the back button in your browser.




At times you may want to post a link so that others can click on it and be taken to the corresponding web page or email address. Visit the web address listed below for details on how to create links.




Print the information found on the page listed above and keep it handy. To return to this page use the back button in your browser.




At time you may want to add some emotion to your message. This software allows you to easily insert faces to help convey emotion.

Visit the web page below (and then scroll to the bottom of the page) to see the list of key commands to create images.




Print the information found on the page listed above and keep it handy. To return to this page use the back button in your browser.





At the top of the page under SpecialQuest Forums is a link titled "Profile". Clicking this link will bring you to a new page in which you can set your own user preferences and choose how much personal information you want to share with others online. On the left side of this page is the Profile Menu. Clicking each link will change the content of the right. Read each section on the right and then decide if you want to enter any information. If you make any changes, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.





Its not uncommon to forget where something has been posted. Instead of clicking in and out of forums and topics you may find it quicker to simply click the "Search" link found at the top of the page under the title "SpeciaQuest Forums."


Clicking the search link will bring you to a new page where you can search all forums and topics through a keyword search or a search of author.

Simply insert your mouse into the keyword or author search box and specify your search criteria. By default all forums and topics will be searched, however you have the option to narrow the search results. For example, if Bob Jones is a frequent poster in three forums, and you know the posting you are seeking is in one particular forum you should narrow your search to that forum. Otherwise you will see a list of all of Bob's postings.





Clicking the “Subscribe to This Topic” link will automatically generate an alert email to you when a new posting is made. The alert will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.


The Subscribe link is found below the last posting within any topic.


Only one email is sent per day regardless of the number of postings within the topic.


If you want to receive email notifications for all of the discussion topics, you have to subscribe to them individually.





Adding an avatar (any image you select to represent yourself) or photo of yourself is easy. Click the "Profile" link found at the top of the page just below the title "SpecialQuest Forums". Clicking the link will bring you to a new page.


On the left side under "Profile Menu" click on "Personality". A new page will appear.


On this page check the box for "Use Avatar" (do this even if you have a regular photo). Next, click "Upload Avatar" (a new page will appear).

Use the "Browse" button to select your image or photo from your computer and click "Upload". When done you will be taken back to the personality page. To save your upload, you must click the "Submit" button found at the bottom of this page.


The maximum visual size of the image is 80px by 80px.


The maximum file size of the image is 117KB.


If you have a large image to upload you may need to resize it using an image editor of your choice.



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