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Newsletter Issue 18: 02/27/10


SpecialQuest Birth–Five Newsletter


I've been thinking about the wisdom of children. Sometimes their words can catch us by surprise...give us cause to pause and take a look at the world from a new perspective.


When was the last time a child uttered something so profound that you stopped what you were doing and were compelled to think hard about what the child had said? Imagine if a child said to you,


"I want to go in the same door as my friends."


Doesn't that make you stop in your tracks? Micah, in order to attend special education classes, entered school through a different door than his friends. In a series of posts to the Inclusion! What's In It for Everyone? blog, Micah, his friends, and his family share a bit about their journey of inclusion. I hope you will join me in reading, reflecting on, and learning from their experiences.

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FREE Web Design and Hosting

By Rebecka Anderson, SpecialQuest Technology Coordinator


Rebecka AndersonNeed a website but don't have access to an experienced web designer, or a budget? While tapping into the expertise of an experienced web designer is most desirable, there are some free web design/hosting services that can get you started. Googling "free web design" will provide you with a number of options worth exploring, but I would like to expedite the search process for you and make a recommendation based upon my own trials of these free services.


Weebly offers an outstanding free package that includes an ad free site, unlimited web storage, 5MB file uploads, customizable templates (with access to the html/css if you desire that level of access), easy drag & drop design, widgets, and even a free domain name. In return, your site displays a tiny Weebly image at the bottom of the screen.

Yola also offers a great free package that includes an ad free site, 1 GB of web storage, 15MB file uploads, customizable templates, easy drag & drop design, password protected pages, a TON of widgets (over 60,000) including google maps, social networking tools, a blog, RSS, photo galleries, and chat tools. In return, your site displays a tiny Yola image at the bottom of the screen.

If unlimited storage space, your own domain name, and access to the code is important to you, then Weebly is the way to go. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in site features, password protected pages, and larger file uploads, then Yola is a solid choice.



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