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The following documents and links are contributions from the SpecialQuest Community and do not necessarily reflect the position of the SpecialQuest Birth-Five: Head Start/Hilton Foundation Training Program, Napa County Office of Education, or the Funder, and no official endorsement should be inferred.

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National Leadership SpecialQuest (NLSQ) 2010 Blog | Submitted by Susan Stewart 09/16/10

Materials developed for the NLSQ (PowerPoints, handouts, etc.) as well as participant-generated content can be located and downloaded from this site. The site also includes images, video, tweets, and blog postings made by participants.


Resources on Working with Children Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Deafblind | (.doc 35kb) Submitted by Tom Miller 2/08/10

An annotated list of resources for working with children who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind from the Perkins School for the Blind in MA. Includes excellent professional development resources, including multimedia training modules; information on literacy; advocacy; service design; etc.


Developing and Evaluating Interagency Collaboration in Early Childhood Special Education Programs | Submitted by Kathleen Sadao 05/07/09

This handbook provides specific information and resources to assist early intervention professionals and agencies in creating and executing agreements between various agencies that will provide efficient and seamless delivery of services. The book details a step by step approach to developing an interagency team and evaluating the effectiveness of the group work.


Orientation Guide for Head Start Disabilities Coordinators | Submitted by Dayana Garcia 4/23/2009

This guide represents the collaborative work of regional disabilities training and technical assistance providers. It was created to support disabilities coordinators by providing basic information on a range of topics related to disabilities. By exploring the different sections, resources, and links, disabilities coordinators will be able to lay a foundation for their work with families and children with disabilities. | Submitted by Laurie Clark 03/26/09

California Map to Inclusive Child Care is a source for information and resources on inclusive child care for children with special needs. The web address has many resources including power points ready for training purposes on: Early Start, Transition and When Concerns Arise. Questions can be submitted regarding inclusive practices and a Technical Assistance Specialist will respond | Submitted by Donna McClain 10/14/08
Helping From Heaven THE LEXI KAZIAN FOUNDATION is a non-profit foundation dedicated to improving the comfort and quality of life for children with special needs. This is accomplished by providing education, therapy and playground equipment, therapy toys, resources and scholarships for families and therapists in need of financial assistance and/or community support. The Lexi Kazian Foundation whats to create a network of families who have an interest in improving the lives of children with special needs.








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