Screensaver Feed Instructions



  1. System Preferences
  2. Desktop & Screen Saver
  3. On left side scroll down to "MobileMe and RSS"
  4. Click Options ( a new pane will open)
  5. Click the plus sign (a new pane will open)
  6. Click "Add RSS Feed"
  7. Paste in the RSS feed you selected on the Artwork page
  8. Make sure the checkbox next to that feed is checked and click ok
  9. In the preview window you should now see pictures appearing.
  10. You can alter how the photos are display clicking the Display Style icons (just below the preview window)
  11. Once you've selected your display style you can then select Options to further customize how you want the photos appear


Windows (XP or Vista)

  1. (1 time install) Go to to download/install "Google Photos Screensaver" (uncheck everything except this item).


After Google Photos ScreenSaver has been installed follow these steps:

  1. Right click on desktop
  2. Properties
  3. Select the Screen Saver Tab
  4. From the dropdown menu select "Google Photos Screen Saver"
  5. Click Settings
  6. Check the box for Photo Feeds
  7. Click the button Configure
  8. Paste in the RSS feed you selected on the Artwork page
  9. Click the box for that feed (uncheck the others)
  10. Click Done
  11. In the screen saver preview you will see the google image appear---the second image will be the image from the feed
  12. You can change the speed and transition type by using the slider and drop-down menu to the right of the preview menu.



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